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Bloggers’ Quilt Festival : Spring 2012




If you are here visiting as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival, welcome!


I discovered the world of the different appliances for myself recently. My present favourite is the star making ruler:




The number of the variations is practically inexhaustible... only our imagination can set a limit.


If I have a lot of time I sew up stripes with differing width and I cut 8 triangles to make a star.














If I feel lazy I grab an already patterned, striped fabric and 20 minutes later I have a very cute block.













Try it yourselves! Have fun!

Greetings from Hungary!


(Allthough the blog was written in hungarian, but the pictures are national. :-) In the tags on the right side the FOLTVARRÁS means Patchwork/Quilt, and ERIKA's me.)

 I'm the 447. on Amy's site.